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why am I so tired

why am i so tired: Few factors cause you to feel “tired” permanent

why am I so tired??

Why am I so tired??? we often ask this question to ourselves. but we don’t know the reason, in this Article I tried to explain few factors that cause you to feel tired.

It seems normal for a person to feel tired, from time to time, because the body is tired in turn due to its ongoing activities, but when the fatigue goes on for an unusual period, there is cause for concern, as many reasons may be behind it.


The MSN website reported 7 causes of fatigue all the time or what is known as TATT doctors, “Tired all the time”.

The first causes of permanent fatigue, irritability, and depression, the depressed man not only suffers from low morale but suffers from a variety of physical symptoms such as headaches and sporadic pain in the areas of the body.

As a result, those who are always stressed, it may be useful for them to see the psychiatrist to see if they are depressed because the symptoms of the disease do not stop when feeling sad.

The second reason is anxiety, which deprives the tired person of sleep deeply and calmly and leads to waking up early in the morning.

Persistent anxiety leads to an intermittent movement of the adrenalin hormone into the human body, causing a state of permanent stress.

When iron deficiency occurs in the human body, it is also exposed to constant fatigue. Iron helps the blood to carry oxygen in the body. The iron can be shown by simple blood analysis, and then the doctor may advise patients to eat foods rich in minerals such as meat, liver, eggs, brown rice, nuts, and dried fruits.

In a fourth reason, the list shows that vitamin B12 deficiency is one of the causes of constant stress, muscle weakness with tingling and blurry vision.


At the same time, severe vitamin D deficiency, which a person needs to strengthen his or her bones and teeth, can be severely debilitated, and its decline in the body leads to heart disease, depression, and chronic fatigue.

Although we get vitamin doses in the food we eat, doctors recommend exposure to the sun, enough to get enough of it.
If a virus enters the body, it causes the person to be tired, along with a number of other symptoms such as nausea, diarrhea, difficulty breathing and chest pain.

The seventh factor in the list to fever, and is reported to be a virus affecting young people, in particular, creating a state of fatigue and may sometimes lead to infections in the sebaceous glands in the neck

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