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iPhone 8
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iPhone 8 for $ 3681- Postinglovers

iPhone 8 for $ 3681

Apple is preparing to unveil its upcoming iPhone 8 or iPhone X, which it now likes on September 12 at Apple Park headquarters in Steve Jobs’ conference hall.

As we know, the recent talk is far more than the price of the smartphone for iPhone 8 before the launch and we discussed the reasons for the rise of the price of the new iPhone 8, which is completely different in design and gear this year.

But let us pause a little bit, all of us are familiar with the location of the famous “gold-genie”, which offers the pure gold 24-carat gold plated copies. The website announced that it will provide an iPhone 8 gold plated phone for $ 3681 for a 256 GB 3835 for the 512 GB version, as well as the official and final design site for iPhone 8

It is clear to us from the pictures on the site gold-genie that the phone iPhone 8 will come with a screen running front of the phone in addition to the back camera in the vertical position and three buttons on the sides of the two of them on the left side is the voice and the main button side, which is said to carry multiple functions, including the possibility of running Siri In addition to running and locking the phone.


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