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Carbonated Water

Carbonated Water: 9 Information to be learned about Carbonated Water

9 Information to be learned about Carbonated Water

Of rolling among the public that the Carbonated water has several benefits, including the fact that it helps digestion, and effective in the process of weight loss, as well as it protects against several diseases.


The comment came in a report in French newspaper Le Figaro, commenting on an episode broadcast by France 5 in mid-June 2017, which discussed French consumption of carbonated water, which reached one billion bottles a year.


The most famous manufacturer of this water is the famous French company Perrier, which is the finest products throughout the year, which introduced flavors on this popular drink in France.


The report titled “To what extent are the benefits of Carbonated water valid?” Refute facts about assumptions about the benefits of consuming these drinks.


1) facilitate digestion

In fact, this is true and especially the Carbonated water, where nutritionist Jean-Michel Lucier confirmed that it promotes the transmission of “Carbonated water bubbles, especially C2, which contribute to emptying the stomach to improve digestion.” However, be careful not to eat if you are suffering from abdominal swelling, this may worsen the situation.


2) should avoid drinking water sparkling during eating

This theory is not true, only researchers do not prove this information.


“During eating, we feel bloated, because we eat too much and quickly, not because of gases as it is frequently,” said nutritionist Alexandra Dallas.


“Drinking plenty of water during meals will enhance the feeling of overheating, which will help reduce the amount of food you eat,” she said.


3) Carbonated Water helps to lose weight

Nutritionists have not yet agreed on the fact that carbonated water contributes to weight loss. As we mentioned before, drinking water during meals contributes to the brain signaling of a sense of overheating; to stop eating directly.


In addition, drinking water accelerates the passage of food through the intestine. The minerals present in normal water are the same as in sparkling water.


“There is a possibility that minerals contained in sparkling water can help lose weight,” said Alexandra Dallas.


“Carbonated water is rich in magnesium and carbon dioxide, which contributes to the absorption of fat, and reduces the acidity of meat, fish, sugars, milk and refined grains, which increase weight,” she said.


4) Everyone can drink carbonated water

Lucier stressed that this is only a fallacy, noting that “those with high blood pressure are not advised to drink; given the amount of sodium in them.”


“People who follow a diet or suffer from fluid retention are advised to consume mineral water instead of gas,” Alexandra Morsi said.


5) very saline water

Specialist Jean-Michel Lucier denied the claim, saying that “most types of water are not salty except for some moderately saline water.”


In any case, it is necessary to drink water containing a small amount of sodium.


6) carbonated water contains more minerals than normal water

This information is wrong, whether the water is gas or normal, it contains the same percentage of minerals and there is no difference. “Regular water is important because it contains calcium and magnesium,” said Jean-Lucier.


But the challenge is to read the package before buying the water bottle, to choose the water quality you need either gas or regular.


7) We can only drink soda water

“If the water is not very salty and we do not have digestive problems, you can drink soda water daily,” said Alexandra Dallas.


For his part, Jean-Michel Lucier acknowledged that “carbonated water varies according to the natural minerals it contains.”


8) It is better to consume natural sparkling water on the consumption of the vehicle

Specialist Jean-Michel Lucier led to this theory: “At present, there is no study that confirms the validity of this theory.”


Alexandra Morsi, a specialist, said that “soft water is natural if taken directly from its source, but the nutritional value is the same in the combined carbonated water.”


9) Contribute to resistance to rheumatism and cholesterol

With regard to the prevailing belief that carbonated water helps resist rheumatism and cholesterol, Professor Lucerff said that this is a relative issue. “The treatment of gaseous water as a whole cure many diseases such as kidney stones, cholesterol or even diabetes.


“It’s simply that people pay more attention to their diet, exercise and drink water in sufficient quantities.”

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