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Benefits of watermelon

Benefits of watermelon: benefits of watermelon seeds, watermelon facts

Today i am going to discuss health benefits of watermelon and watermelon seeds, but first of all you should know about watermelon.

Watermelon is a fruit of summer, But contrary to what people think, the watermelon belongs to the family of sweet vegetables and not to the fruit, but everyone takes it as a delicious fruit taste.

There are many types of melons around the world different, but watermelon, in general, contains many important benefits to human health.

what is watermelon consist of?

It is rich in vitamins and important elements such as protein, calcium, iron, sodium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and contains vitamin A.

What does watermelon have in it?

Watermelon contains antioxidants, especially lycopene, ascorbic acid, protein, calcium, iron, sodium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, vitamin A, and some vitamins and important elements that enhance its benefits, including

Benefits of Watermelon

We all know that the watermelon has many amazing benefits.

watermelon is considered an important fruit that is very popular in the summer because of the moisturizing of the body in hot weather waves.

benefits of watermelon for Weight Loss

Watermelon contains very low calories and contains 90% of its weight water, so it works to reduce the acquisition of excess weight and loss of it.

Benefits of watermelon in the prevention of cancer

The watermelon contains the anti-oxidant lycopene, so it helps to prevent the cancer of the colon and prostate cancer, and it strengthens the immunity of the body and helps to prevent the risk of many diseases.

benefits of watermelon for Teeth

Within 100 grams of watermelon contains 15 mg of calcium. Calcium is important to support the formation of bones and teeth.

[wp_ad_camp_2] Taking watermelon on a daily basis helps you get stronger bones and brighter teeth.

Benefits of watermelon for intensive patient

waterMelon contains a large amount of potassium and manganese are two elements that help to reduce high blood and prevent atherosclerosis.

benefits of watermelon for kidney

Watermelon cleans the kidneys. It contains plenty of water and is a natural diuretic.It also contains potassium, which works to get rid of toxins, and works to reduce the proportion of uric acid in the blood.

Watermelon benefits for men

A recent medical study has shown that eating fresh watermelon is beneficial for men with ED.

The study also confirmed that watermelon can help men overcome erectile dysfunction, describing this fruit as having a similar effect to Viagra.

The study advised obtaining satisfactory results, eating at least six slices of melon, which is equal to the effect of one tablet of Viagra.

Benefits of watermelon seeds

The melon seeds are used in Asian and Middle Eastern.

watermelon seeds are served as a light snack or used to decorate salad dishes.

They are used in Nigeria in soups, and watermelon seed oil can be extracted and is a very useful oil for hair and skin.

When you consider the health benefits of the watermelon, Think about the inner flesh of the watermelon or juice, The watermelon seeds may not come in your mind.

In fact, the seeds of watermelon snack and wonderful and after drying and roasting it contains many important nutrients.

Benefits of watermelon seeds for health

waterMelon seeds contain high protein content, One cup of dried watermelon seeds contains 30.6 grams of protein and is 61 percent of the body’s daily needs.

The protein in watermelon seeds consists of amino acids such as tryptophan and glutamic acid and thus helps regulate blood pressure and treat heart disease.

what are watermelon seeds consist of?

watermelon seeds consist of vitamin B, Minerals, and fats.

Vitamin B:

Watermelon seeds are also rich in vitamin B.

The American Cancer Society reports that vitamin B is a necessary ingredient for converting food into energy for other body functions

The most common types of B vitamins found in watermelon seeds are niacin.

One cup of dried watermelon seeds contains 3.8 milligrams and therefore accounts for about 19% of daily value.

It is the benefits of niacin that it helps the health of the digestive system and nervous health of the skin.
[wp_ad_camp_4] Other types of vitamin B are found in watermelon seeds such as folate, thiamine, riboflavin, vitamin B6 and pantothenic acid.


There are different types of minerals in melon seeds such as magnesium is the most abundant mineral, which weighs about 55 mg per cup of dried watermelon seeds and constitutes 139% of the recommended daily value.

According to the National Institutes of Health, Magnesium helps regulate blood pressure and carbohydrate metabolism and has a good effect on regulating blood sugar.

Other minerals are important in watermelon seeds such as phosphorus, iron, potassium, sodium, copper, manganese and zinc.


The most surprising thing is that the amount of fat found in one cup of dried watermelon seeds is about 51 grams, 11% of them are saturated fat and the rest are monounsaturated fats and omega-6 fatty acids.Omega-6 fatty acids help lower high blood pressure.

Melon seeds contain essential amino acids such as tryptophan and glutamic acid. These acids help to facilitate the formation of collagen and connective tissue in the body.

other benefits

Watermelon seeds also contain lycopene, a good element for the face.

These seeds can be used in the treatment of diabetes.

Boil a handful of melon seeds in 1 liter of water for 45 minutes and cover the container and preferably daily.

These seeds are also useful in improving memory.

Benefits of watermelon seeds for skin

The watermelon seeds have amazing benefits for the skin because they are rich in nutrients such as unsaturated fatty acids such as oleic acid, so they maintain the shine and glow of the skin from the inside.

Melon seeds prevent the appearance of signs of aging because they contain antioxidants and oils that make your skin look younger and more vibrant.

7 watermelon facts

Watermelon is one of the most popular and most cherished summer fruits. It has a low-calorie content of not more than 46 calories per cup and a high proportion of vitamins A and C, providing 17% of our daily requirement of vitamin A and 20% of our daily requirement of vitamin C, watermelon is also rich in dietary fiber and potassium.

If you want to know some surprising facts about watermelon, just keep reading …

1. Melon boosts brain’s ability

Did you know that melon can help you stimulate your brain’s ability? The reason is that watermelon is an excellent source of vitamin B6, which is vital to the function of the natural brain. Moreover, the proportion of water in this delicious fruit is similar to that of the brain

2. It contains high water content

Watermelon contains a very high percentage of water, and according to the US Department of Agriculture, 91.5 percent of watermelon is water, which means that this fruit can help you stay wet throughout the day and therefore eating watermelon or drinking watermelon juice every day is One of the best ways to stay moist during the summer season.

3. It contains about 40 percent more lycopene than tomatoes

A cup of watermelon contains 1.5 times more lycopene than fresh tomatoes.

Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant that helps prevent free radicals from damaging cells.

It also improves the immune system. Strong antioxidants have been shown to reduce the risk of cancer.

4. watermelon is useful for your eyes

Watermelon is rich in vitamin A, which is useful for your eyes, and therefore helps to stimulate your eyesight and protects your eyes from infection of various infectious diseases, and advised to consume about 100 grams of watermelon every day to maintain the health of your eyes and your unit of sight.

5. Watermelon juice can reduce muscle soreness

Many studies show that melon juice can help reduce muscle soreness, and the impurity is that melon is one of the top sources of citrulline, which helps to improve arterial functions and lower blood pressure, so if you suffer from muscle soreness, you can eat watermelon juice , But this does not dispense with visiting the doctor to know the pain.

6. Watermelon helps to lose weight

Watermelon is a delicious and economical way to cleanse the body and get rid of some extra weight. It

It contains low calories and high water helps to lose weight…

7. Watermelon protects against ultraviolet radiation

Watermelon contains a high proportion of lycopene, a carotenoid dye that contains strong antioxidant properties.

Lycopene helps protect you from UV rays, sunburns, and skin cancer. This is one of the important reasons for integrating some melons into your daily diet.

This is one of the important reasons for integrating some watermelons into your daily diet.

Are watermelon seeds good for you?

The watermelon seed contains a variety of nutrients and minerals important to the human body especially in the peel of these seeds and therefore you should chew the crusts to get the health benefits.


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