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bad news for Cr7

Bad News for Cr7 and His Fans Because…

Ronaldo faces an “unprecedented” penalty after what he did

Here Comes The Bad News for Cr7 and His Fans Because…

The Cristiano Ronaldo Who is lovingly Called Cr7 by the Fans.

Recently, this news was published on the Website “Gaol” that Cristiano Ronaldo won’t play next 12 matches.


But why!!!

What did Cristiano Ronaldo do? this question arises here!!!

But Here is your Answer.

According to the website “Goal”, Ronaldo may face a penalty of up to 12 games, after the referee Ricardo de Burgos recorded the incident in his report, which handed him to the SpanisFederationon.

Ronaldo received the first warning after taking off his shirt to celebrate his goal in the 81st minute, followed by a second warning a minute later.

According to Act No. 96 of the Spanish Federation’s regulations, “minor violence against the referee” requires suspension of 12 games, including “payment and holding of judgment.”


We have to wait for the Consequence of this Incident.


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